Music Album : Anoyo
For: Tim Hecker
Category: Poster design


 The goal is to bring interest in the album and attract more attention to promote the music. The album songs belong to the Dance/ Electronic genre.


Tim Hecker's inspiration for his “Anoyo” album came from the Japanese concept of Ma, which means “void” or “the space between two structural parts”. He got mostly influenced by the Japanese concept of traditional and classical music and would travel to Japan several times to work on his projects. In japanese terms, the word Konoyo (one of his other albums) is often used to express the world you are living, and Anoyo is for the world of the dead.


I chose a darker color palette to reflect the “void” and “the world of the dead” concept, an empty space just like the melody gives a floating sensation to anyone that listens to the music. One day, when I had trouble falling asleep, I decided to listen to the album with my earphones on. After a few minutes, my consciousness started to fade, and I even forgot where I was, although at the same time I was aware that I was in my room. The brighter patterns represent a “labyrinthe”, since at times the songs may give a feeling of being lost and separated from reality. It also may appear as vibrations of pulled strings in constant movement. I added japanese symbols translating to “anoyo”, in black in the middle of the composition to relate to the culture where the album inspiration came from. 


The poster reflects the atmosphere that is brought by the songs and the overall theme of the album. All the elements included in the composition have their own connotation and place that visually demonstrates what the album is all about.