Branding Identity 
For: Spa Bleü
Category: Branding


The goal is to create a visual identity for Spa Bleü.


Spa Bleü is a company located in the province of British Columbia. It's a spa company that provides its clientele with professional services such as float therapy, dry hydro massage, facials, etc. in order to improve one’s wellness, health and beauty.


The logo reflects a new atmosphere and connects with the company’s goal and target audience. It fits both the brand language and name of the company.


The two letters “u” are horizontally interlocking each other, which transforms the icon into more or less abstract initials of the company name, leaving traces of the letters S and B (B more indirectly). I wanted the final shape to represent flowing water movements and droplets for the circles. It also looks like a pattern of people swimming amongst each other and giving each other massages at the same time. It feels like a good idea since the spa is all about water and rejuvenation. It is one of the main components that helps meditate and reconnect with ourselves. Float therapy, sauna, facial treatments are all, in a way, related to water and moisture. It is also one of the elements that first comes to mind when thinking of a spa.