Book Layout
For: Christopher Wool
Category: Book Design


The goal is to design a book cover and spread layout based on the artist’s style


The artist is famous for his way of exploring art techniques in his pieces by making abstract compositions with various media (ex: Mark making, spray paint, silkscreen, etc). He is also known for his typographic canvases where he prints his humour, jokes, and words using spray paint and displaying letters in an abstract, hardly readable way.


The cover consists of a work stating “Comedian”. It reflects the artist’s style and I feel like the word also describes his personality since he likes playing with words and painting his jokes on canvases. The spreads layout is just as simplistic as the typography artworks. The font of the titles/sub-titles also relates to the one used in the original art pieces. The design looks straight to the point and uses a very limited color palette.


The book design reflects well the artist’s style and personality.