Logo Exploration
For: Music Store
Category: Logotype


The goal is to create a logo and branding identity for a music-related store.


The music sector can be represented in different ways and has a variety of symbols, instruments and other elements. In this case, the project consisted of creating a branding identity for a fictional music shop, so the field of possibilities was broader.


I decided to go for the word “Solo” as the name of the company. The word itself was interesting to work with and, in a way, represents independence and spotlight for a musician. I used the letters to create a monogram that began resembling a speaker. The name “solo records” is placed underneath the logo to clarify the icon word concept.


The logo is immediately recognisable as the symbol of a speaker and is easy to remember. The icon can be used separately as well as with the name of the shop placed underneath. It shows personality and appears unique in style.