Promotional animation
For: Guido Molinari
Category: Motion graphics


The goal is to create an animation in order to promote the artist Guido Molinari and his works. The animation has to be based off of his art style and the OP art movement.


Molinari’s work is naturally known for its focus on modular and contrasting colours, shapes and lines. He often uses the technique of “Hard-Edge painting” which includes minimalism and the return to the formal use of flattened surfaces, to destroy the volume by using plane shapes, highlighting qualities to just colour line, form and surface. Hard-edge painting offered a return to a formal classic quality of geometric abstraction. Connecting that style with the optical art movement, I had to make an animation representing the artist and the movement combined.


I’ve decided to work with geometric shapes such as lines and triangles. These are the shapes that the artist uses in most of his works. The optical style shows through the movement of those shapes, representing at the same time flatness and depth as they are in constant movement. The overall style of the artist seemed soothing and calm, this is why I chose piano melody as the background sound. It compliments the animation and creates balance with the motion of the shapes. The color palette is chosen based on one of the artist’s works and integrated into the final animation.


The animation shows complexity and fluidity. The audio choice fits the rest of the animation and creates a calmer feeling with the motion. It represents well the artist’s style and reveals parts of different artworks.