Vernissage Poster 2021
For: Dawson College
Category: Social & Cultural Promotional design


The goal is to create a poster that will represent graphic design vernissage exhibition for winter semester 2021.


Since this is the first online vernissage exhibition for graphic design students, we had to make a digital poster that will introduce the program and our hard work for the past three years.


The poster attracts the eye and establishes a comforting feeling. It radiates support, positivity, joy and comfort to the audience.


The concept is meant to emphasize the idea of having a digital vernissage. Although this year’s exhibition is online, I wanted to demonstrate that it can still be fun, enjoyable and positive. The year “2021” is created with colorful pixels stacked all over the place like in an old video game. The broad and bright color palette creates the idea of a fun “puzzle” and suggests the idea of a party and entertainment. On another side, the composition appears more or less abstract which makes it even more interesting.