Promotional Poster 
For: World suicide prevention day
Category: Digital Imaging


The goal is to design a poster that will spread a message for world suicide prevention day


Being a sensitive topic, it’s important to carefully choose the visual elements that will spread the right message through the poster and reach a larger audience. It revolves around a worldwide issue that involves everyone, no matter the age, status, gender or origins.


The poster exposes a subject that is rarely talked about in public conversations (self-harm). It is meant to shock the audience and bring emotions to the surface. The idea is meant to push people to talk and reach out without fearing the judgement and rejection. 


Speaking with a few anonymous sources, I learned some deeper information about people suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts. Some mentioned self harm as being a coping mechanism allowing one to expose internal pain into the open, making themselves heard. They affirmed that sometimes, it can appear as the only option that allows them to grab attention and make people realise that they seek help. Some even said that they’ve developed an addiction towards tattoos which, in a way, appears to them as a way to cause self harm in a more subtle way. The poster’s visual elements represent a silhouette of a hand, also acting as a visual of a map/ continents to represent how broad the field of the issue is. At the wrist part of the hand, I added a razor blade “tattoo”. Tattoos symbolise permanence, and something that stays on our body for the rest of our lives. It is also something that is meant to be “seen” by the others. I felt like it was a good asset to the poster. The title “stop, before you start” is there to add more clarity and awareness to the overall composition.